What are the Different Types of Apes?

There are four types of apes like Orang-Utas, Chimpanzees, Gorillas and Gibbons. Individuals are more frequently confusing in apes and monkeys, however, they are absolutely two different species. Apes are way bigger than monkeys and not at all like the monkeys they don’t have tails. The most significant distinction in the middle of apes and

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Amazing Facts about Apes

Apes being different from monkeys, human behaviors related to apes, those were just two surprising things you should know that would definitely provide you with an idea that there are indeed amazing

The Need for Government to Protect The Apes

Chimps, and Wild Mountain Gorillas are just two of the long list of species that are already endangered of being extinct. That is why the Government must provide laws and programs and not just simple “toothless” laws with flaws, to ensure that future generations won’t end up just seeing this species in